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osprey-nokomis-florida-chamber-new-logoOsprey Nokomis Chamber: The BIGGEST little Chamber in the USA

Well folks it looks like you are all stuck with me for the next 12 months. Ven has stepped down as President in order to pursue and concentrate on his business interests as well as opening the position for others like myself.

Ven has become a very close friend and we continue to talk and debate the chamber on a daily basis. It only feels like weeks ago that we all stood in First America Bank and discussed the process required to start a local Chamber. Little did we know or understand about the efforts it would take to get it off the ground, nor did we know at the time how enthusiastic so many of you would be in ensuring it worked.

I am extremely proud to have been invited to play a part in the resurrection of this fabulous local enterprise and hope that it continues to grow and that our friendships also continue to strengthen.

The grass roots have been sown and now it is time to nurture and grow. In order to do this I have committed to various areas which, include but are not restricted to: The website, accounting methodology, communication, advertising and area marketing, community awareness and charitable functionality. Along the way we will be organizing the Osprey Nokomis Water Festival and perhaps some other smaller intimate events to get us all in front of the local community.

Osprey and Nokomis Chamber with the help of various partners that include the Venice Sun (God Bless Them) thanks Tim, encourage local businesses to do business with one another. I do not believe for one minute that this is a business life-line however with a little effort from each member all of our businesses have a sales-force of nearly 200 Chamber associates.

Very soon we will have our first edition of the Osprey Nokomis Business Directory, I am going to make sure that this issue is not only informative about the businesses within our fabulous area but this issue will indeed be an historic one that will become a keepsake for all those coming to our area and even those of us who are lucky enough to live here. Look out for the opportunity to advertise in it as it will be a first come first serve until the pages and spaces are filled. We are going to ensure that the costs are kept to a minimum so that even the smallest businesses can afford entry. We will also be holding an open forum for all members who are interested. Bryan Guentner and my good-self will ensure that you are all invited closer to the time.

Today I am meeting with Sam Gold and Ven Konuru to start work on the Osprey Nokomis Chamber video that will include interviews with various local business members/personalities and highlight the breathtaking scenery that we sometimes so easily take for granted. The purpose of this video is to showcase the beautiful area of Osprey and Nokomis, the businesses that are situated within it’s boundaries, the history of the whole area with the help of Historic Spanish Point not forgetting Oscar Scherer Park. The video will be an ever evolving showcase and we will be looking to show it in various locations across the USA and indeed abroad in “Good Old Blighty” (Britain).

These are simply insights as to what we have planned moving forward in the hope that you will be encouraged to continue and support the vision by renewing your membership of this fabulous and unique Chamber of Friendship and Commerce that we know as ONCC.


Thank you Shipmates

Rod Thomas


June 17, 2013 |

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